Understanding the Why and How



Just a quick note to say it was an outstanding session today, Leonard! Exceeded my expectations - and I went with high expectations to begin with.

Great job and thank you.

I've had a few coaches and mentors throughout my career and they each have had a dramatic impact on my personal life and career (the primary reason why I studied to be an accredited professional coach some years ago). I'm looking forward to this next era with the same anticipation, expectation and excitement, ie. I'm very excited to have you as my coach!

Chat soon

24 February 2015

Terry Kew

CEO · 10x

Hi Leonard,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent training sessions.

Leonard your training has equipped me well with invaluable tools to assist me in my work role as well as on a personal level. You ensured that knowledge and process were seamlessly ingrained and sufficiently automated by testing my understanding thoroughly, in challenging and interesting ways. The group sessions were stimulating and fun.

Many thanks for all.

Best Regards

Diane Morley
Dip F.S. (Financial Planning)
Authorised Representative | LEA Life Brokers Pty Ltd

16 January 2014

Diane Morley

Financial Adviser · Lea Life Brokers Pty Ltd