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Creating a Lifestyle Business - My Business

Much has been written about what a Lifestyle Business is or isn't.  Right from the beginning when I first registered the name Action Cycle Learning I decided that it would operate with a clearly defined set of objectives.  The business needs to serve me and my objectives not the other way round.  I decided that:

  1. It must enable me to do what I love ie Help people to better understand themselves and in so doing better understand others.
  2. I want to only work with people I like and who can see the value I add.
  3. It must be able to sustain my families financial needs.
  4. It will be focused on Small Business.
  5. Travel will be minimised.  I had had more than enough travel in my previous role.
  6. It will maximise the advantages of web technology.
  7. I will actively seek out and form partnerships with people who have a similar vision but complimentary skills and services.
  8. It will enable me to continue to work for as long as possible but not necessarily on a full time basis.
Action Cycle Learning was registered in 2010 while I was still involved in a business I had formed 17 years previously with 2 partners.  This organisation grew from 3 people in an office on Coronation Drive in Brisbane to become one of Australia's largest Australian Financial Services Licensees with a turnover exceeding $120,000,000 and a client base of over 550 Financial Advisers.

 It was never the intent of the founding partners for it to become as big as it did and for the first 13 years of it's life it had many of the hallmarks of a Lifestyle Business.

Unfortunately with size came institutional investment and finally ownership.  With the change of ownership came a new culture.  It was then I started thinking about returning to my passion for small business and in October 2013 I moved on.

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