Meet the owner

Meet the owner

My Life's passion is to enhance understanding for myself and those I associate with.  I believe that through enhanced understanding human beings can achieve better outcomes for themselves, the people they live and work with and their organisations.

My business, Action Cycle Learning was established to provide a framework to enable consultation with individuals and organisations on the subject of improving outcomes for people and their organisations.

In an effort to better understand human endeavour I developed the “Action Cycle Learning” model.  This model helps to explain how to get superior outcomes through increased awareness of the "why and the way" human beings get things done.

My qualifications include an Associate Diploma in Human Resource Development from Griffith University (1994).  I also have a Diploma of Financial Services (2004) and have been accredited in a number of well know courses and workshops including Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Wilson Learning’s Versatile Salesperson, Counsellor Selling, and Innovator programs and as a Kolbe Interpreter.  

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I have also personally developed the "Coaching the Buyer" program with Kathy McCahon from Simple Business Solutions, a unique "Life Planning" workshop, a "Financial Life Planning" presentation and a number of uniquely tailored programs.

I remain committed to lifelong learning.