Like the strands in the rope each of the individual services can combine to create a stronger whole

Listed below is a selection of service strands available.

Experience teaches that "rarely does any individual or group have all the answers".  All services offered are tailored to suit the needs and wants required by our clients.  They are usually delivered by myself Leonard Whittaker.  However, sometimes an associate is better suited to those requirements and in these cases an alternative is offered.

We usually begin with an obligation free discussion.  Please feel free to phone me on 0417 883 688 or email to arrange a suitable time.

Personal Development

It has long been suggested that the place to start changing the world is to start with your own back yard and that the largest room in your house is the house is the room for self improvement.  Personal development begins with a focus on better understanding yourself.

Self awareness is the key to understanding why you do what you do, why some things are easy and others hard. 

We work to help our clients better understand themselves so that it is easier to make the changes and improvements they desire.

This service is primarily delivered individually in a coaching, mentoring format supplemented with small group sessions when applicable.

Prices for this service a tailored to each client individually.  For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email

Management - Team Development

Management and Team Development are skills rarely invested in by organisations and when invested usually at the "cheapest price".  Most organisations rely on the "natural skills" of their people and wonder why they continue to have the same problems.

The key to better management is an understanding that teams are just individuals with common objectives.  Unfortunately sometimes there are also groups of individuals with conflicting objectives.

Our approach to better management and team development is to start with an enhancing understanding of the individuals then to move on to an alignment of objectives.

This service is delivered through a combination of individual coaching and team exercise with a variety of coaches and facilitators.  

The price for this service is tailored to each clients circumstance.  For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email


Finding more of the "right" clients is the goal of virtually all organisations.

Marketing is simply the presentation of your products and services in a way that attracts the right types of prospects.

The internet has changed and made more complex the many ways prospects have to find us and what we do.

A better understanding of how and why people buy helps to improve all our marketing efforts.

We work with individuals and organisations to enhance their understanding of the way people buy.  Working in conjunction with marketing platform providers we are able to assist in bringing more of the right prospects to your organisation though

  1. Clarifying and making succinct the messages and stories that attract personally and as a business.
  2. Maximising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  3. Ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance of Social Media Platforms
  4. Structuring and optimising Centres of Influence and referral sources.
Each customer we work with has different requirements so pricing is tailored.  For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email

Sales Training

Sales training is usually provided to people who's job is to convert prospects to clients. 

Unfortunately most Sales training programs focus on technique and process without an understanding of how people naturally buy.  People love to buy but hate being sold.

Our approach is that by better understanding the way people buy we are more able to help them do what they love ie Buy things that meet their needs and wants.

"Coaching the Buyer" is a model that takes the stress out of selling for the buyer and seller.  Based on well proven and documented research and observations going back to the late 1930's Coaching the Buyer can improve outcomes for all organisations and individuals.

To see an overview of the program when run over 8 sessions click here:


Note:  This model can presented in a variety of formats to suit virtually any budget.  For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email

Customer Presentations and Workshops

Customer presentations can be difficult.  It is often challenging to communicate with clients without them becoming bored and immune to the messages you want to deliver.  

If you are looking for someone to assist you to put together a client presentation or event give us a call.  We have many years of experience in this area and may already have a presentation or presenter's available that can easily and inexpensively be modified to suit your needs.

For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email

Process Improvement

Process improvement is usually centred around flow charts, diagrams, graphs and the numbers.  Our approach is to focus around the people.  We often find that results can be improved dramatically by modifying a sensible process to cater for the uniqueness of the individuals who are responsible for driving it.  A logical approach is not always the best approach.

For an obligation free initial consultation call us on 0417 883 688 or email